Short Synopsis of ‘A Waking Dream’

Author’s Note: This isn’t meant to be a full synopsis. This was something I wrote as a warm-up to a proper synopsis. So, if you read this , would you want to read the whole thing? Could you guess what happens in the whole thing from it?


A Waking Dream, a young adult novel, tells the story of Gordon Edward Morris (or Gem), a bright eager boy, happy to help a girl in need. And, that’s where his problems start. After an attempt to help Hope escape her abusive boyfriend goes badly wrong, Gem is exiled from his school and friends but he’s not safe at home either. In an encounter with a starved vampire, he is rescued by Beata Lato, a hardened vampire slayer who’s nearly 500 years young. Together, they set out to hunt the monster that attacked Hope but Gem learns the hard way that appearances can be very deceiving.


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