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2nd Novel done!

Yes! One week into 2018 and I have another book finished! It's very much a first draft still. It's a bit messy and the ending will need completely rearranging but a messy ending is still an ending and that's what redrafts are for. For now, I'm happy with the shape it's in.

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I did it again!

I won Nanowrimo 2017 with 50,000 words in a month and what did I do? I did it all again! With the help of a word count tracking spreadsheet and bloody-minded determination, I reached a grand total of 51803 words this December! (That's not even counting the reviews on As the CROWS feast - check… Continue reading I did it again!

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Weekly Update (16.10.2016)

Currently rereading: The Vampire Diaries Books 1 and 2 I'm not putting any word counts on this blog post because, to be perfectly honest, I've completely lost track of how much I've done this week and how much I've done last week too. I thought my holiday in May had been disappointing as far as writing… Continue reading Weekly Update (16.10.2016)