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Pride Flag Book Tag

It's that time again. I've been saving the LGBT books from my TBR pile and saving up some appropriately themed tags for over a month. This tag was created by Common Spence on YouTube (and I've included Forever and Everly's addition to the original tag since that's where I found it).  1. red (life)  a… Continue reading Pride Flag Book Tag

Reading Corner

May Reading Corner

Yeah, my optimism of the previous month was a little premature. My motivation for short stories fizzled out and I decided to instead try tackling my novel yet again. I'm trying out another idea and will delete a large element of the novel which I've decided is just bloat. Things are going very slowly and… Continue reading May Reading Corner

Reading Challenge

UK’s Biggest Cities Reading Challenge

I was inspired by Isabelle @ Nine Tale Vixen, who created a reading challenge to read a book set in each US state. I wanted to create a challenge to read a book set in each English county. It turns out that England has a lot of counties (apparently, Greater London and the City of… Continue reading UK’s Biggest Cities Reading Challenge

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The LGBTQ+ Rep Book Tag – Take 2

Big thanks to Sabrina @ Notes from a Paper Plane Nomad for tagging me again! The last time I did this, I felt I hadn't read enough LGBTQ+ books to properly answer all the questions. Time to see if my repertoire has improved since then or whether I need to do more work on it.… Continue reading The LGBTQ+ Rep Book Tag – Take 2