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The A-Z Book Tag

Thanks so much to Riddhi @ Whispering Stories for tagging me! It was great fun to go down my Read list and I decided to pick the lesser known ones that maybe haven't been getting much attention lately. Let me know in the comments if you like them too. I must confess that I had… Continue reading The A-Z Book Tag

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Pride Flag Book Tag

It's that time again. I've been saving the LGBT books from my TBR pile and saving up some appropriately themed tags for over a month. This tag was created by Common Spence on YouTube (and I've included Forever and Everly's addition to the original tag since that's where I found it).  1. red (life)  a… Continue reading Pride Flag Book Tag

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New Year Book Tag

It's still early enough to say 'Happy New Year' to people, isn't it? Well, I've had this tag that I found on the original creator's site on the backburner for a while I thought I might as well get it out before January is over. Original Creator: Isabelle @ Nine Tale Vixen AULD LANG SYNE:… Continue reading New Year Book Tag

Six For Sunday

Six for Sunday – 20th June 2021

If you like the look of this, click here for the whole list of prompts at alittlebutalot. 20th June 2021 - Favourite LGBTQIA+ characters Kamai from Beyond the Black Door by A. M. Strickland - my favourite asexual main character so far! Liz from You Should See Me In A Crown by Leah Johnson - Liz Lighty is the… Continue reading Six for Sunday – 20th June 2021

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Read The Rainbow Tag

I've noticed that my tag schedule for this month is devoid of any Pride Month related tags. Well, that won't do at all so I decided to do this tag which was linked on Lucy @ Bookworm Blogger. Isabelle's explanation of colours: This tag is based on the Progress Pride Flag (shown in the post header)… Continue reading Read The Rainbow Tag

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The LGBTQ+ Rep Book Tag

Big thanks to Sabrina @ Notes From A Paper Plane Nomad for tagging me and apologies for the delay. This tag really shouldn't have been as hard as it was for but either I don't have a good memory or I really need to read more LGBTQ+ books to expand my repertoire. Rules: Thank whoever… Continue reading The LGBTQ+ Rep Book Tag

Reading Corner, Reading Retrospective

Checking The Corners: The Best and Worst of 2020

I completed all my reading challenges on time this year but only just. I was 19 books short of 2019 total too, only clocking in at 152 books. You would think that would make it easier to pick a top 5 best and worst list. Now, the top 5 worst list was pretty east but… Continue reading Checking The Corners: The Best and Worst of 2020

Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge Check-In (5 out of 6)

I've managed to shake off my reading slump at last and to finish two of my reading challenges! I'm not as far ahead as I was this time last year (I'm about 15 books behind) but I'm happy with how far I've progressed now. I only have a few books left to go on all… Continue reading 2020 Reading Challenge Check-In (5 out of 6)

Reading Corner

October Reading Corner

This was the month when I really decided to pull myself together and get the Golden Trio Reading Challenge done. Not only is it really uncomfortable to be doing a Harry Potter related challenge but I am very behind on my Turtle Recall challenge and need to clear the way for a two month long… Continue reading October Reading Corner