Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge Check-In (1 out of 6)

It's my first reading challenge check-in of the year. I'm trying to be kinder to myself by taking on fewer and more flexible challenges. I know I'm not reading as much or as obsessively as I used to. It's early days yet to say whether that's paying off or not but I supposed I am… Continue reading 2023 Reading Challenge Check-In (1 out of 6)

mini awards

2023 Mini Awards #8

This week's One Word review will be The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See. And the award for the book that promised an uplifting story but struggled to get off the ground goes to... The Smallest Man by Frances Quinn Reading Challenge: Bookforager's Picture Prompt Book Bingo Prompt: Castle Format: Audiobook I already had this in… Continue reading 2023 Mini Awards #8

Reading Challenge

Reading Challenges 2023

To paraphrase Depeche Mode, never again is what I swore the time before. I swore I wouldn't overdo it on the reading challenges this time last year and what did I do? I overdid it. I rushed through a reading challenge in one month when it was supposed to take place over a year. So,… Continue reading Reading Challenges 2023