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The Nope Trope Book Tag

I don't want to think about how much time I've spent down the TV Tropes rabbit hole but it's enough time to know what tropes I hate. So, I liked the look of this tag I found on Divine World of Books and, yep, all the tropes mentioned in the main body of the tag… Continue reading The Nope Trope Book Tag

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The Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

This was a spookily well-timed tag. I was just looking around for a tag to do and up this popped in my activity bar! So, a big thanks to Whispering Stories for tagging me at just the right moment! Rules: Link back to the original creator (Kirsty @┬áKirsty and the Cat Read.) and the blog… Continue reading The Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

Reading Corner

October Reading Corner

This was the month when I really decided to pull myself together and get the Golden Trio Reading Challenge done. Not only is it really uncomfortable to be doing a Harry Potter related challenge but I am very behind on my Turtle Recall challenge and need to clear the way for a two month long… Continue reading October Reading Corner