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The Functions Book Tag

I was a fair hand at Maths at school. 'Was', being the operative word. I've completely forgotten about functions and I didn't recognise many of the ones mentioned in this tag I found on Nehal @ Quirky Pages at all. Still, I know my books so I'm going to use that to muddle through! Rules:… Continue reading The Functions Book Tag

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The Last Book I…Tag

I found this book on bookforager who put a very unique spin on it. Rather than just answering the questions in the present, they also included their answers from the past too since it had been sitting in their drafts for a long time. So, I decided to give that a go myself. I put… Continue reading The Last Book I…Tag

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August Reading Corner

I DNFed more books this month but I also found more enjoyable books. I also managed to force my way through my mental redrafting block and managed to fix some of my first novel. Some but not all. I've also got a short story ready to send out so writing went well this month. Currently… Continue reading August Reading Corner