Reading Corner

February 2019 Reading Corner

Another draft of my first novel down and it's still needs refining. I ended up having to completely rewrite three quarters of it. That's what you get for getting too attached to elements that have outlived their usefulness. Then, to make up for taking up half of the month with novel writing, I knuckled down… Continue reading February 2019 Reading Corner

In One Word

In One Word, Fire and Blood by George R R Martin is…

Heavy How can we be sure this isn’t a rehash of The World of Ice and Fire? Only one way to find out! Expertly giving too many details and not enough detail in all right places like a real history Ah, so that’s where Daenerys’ eggs came from! Very dense but I think I can… Continue reading In One Word, Fire and Blood by George R R Martin is…


Christmas Book Haul

I had more time to read than I intended on Christmas Day as I'd hoped to be playing Spyro: Reignited Trilogy (in other words, my childhood remastered) all day but there was a huge post-release software update that took over 4 hours! So, I just ploughed my way through The Well of Ascension while waiting. On… Continue reading Christmas Book Haul