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Mid Year Freak Out Tag 2019

Oh, flipping heck, has half of 2019 gone already? And, am I incredible late to post this? I am honestly freaking out a little bit. Okay, maybe, a big bit! Another six months and I still haven't had anything published. On the upside, I've definitely read more books in six months that I did in… Continue reading Mid Year Freak Out Tag 2019

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June Reading Corner

Legal training is definitely taking over my life. I've only had time to go over one short story and I've only just managed to finish implementing the changes. The good news is that I've got to the end of two of my units. I only have revision and a study exercise to go so I… Continue reading June Reading Corner

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May Reading Corner

I hit a bit of a trough this month. I at first intended it to redrafting my short stories but, as you may know already, I absolutely hate redrafting. So, I hopped onto Published to Death, where I go to find publishing opportunities, and was seduced into plunging into writing two short stories almost completely… Continue reading May Reading Corner

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#SixforSunday 21stOctober 2018

If you like the look of this, click here for the whole list of prompts at alittlebutalot 21st October 2018 – Books you want to reread The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson – I’m sure I’ll pick up a lot more brilliant things than I did on the first read. And, love it just as… Continue reading #SixforSunday 21stOctober 2018

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Inside Out Book Tag

And one more book tag for the month. This one came from Jenny in Neverland. Joy Which book brings you the most joy?  This is one of the only books that actually made me laugh out loud. I’m so looking forward to the TV series. Fear   The book that scared you more than anything.  I… Continue reading Inside Out Book Tag

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The Cake Flavoured Book Tag

Another Tag from The Secret Library Book Blog. Chocolate Cake– a dark book you absolutely love Photo by Just Another Photography Dude on The Final Empire. Dark, rich and so satisfying. Vanilla – a light read Photo by Pixabay on The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden. Not a complex book but,… Continue reading The Cake Flavoured Book Tag