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Elixir by Jason O’Loughlin

Here's my first impressions of the second book in the Obsidian series by Jason O'Loughlin. Nothing too in depth, just my initial thoughts. The second book in the Obsidian series leaves Britain and goes globetrotting with newly discovered powers, new allies, scarier enemies, Arthurian legends come to life and a race against time and poison,… Continue reading Elixir by Jason O’Loughlin


Obsidian by Jason O’Loughlin

I don't normally review non-vampire books so this post isn't on As The Crows Feast. However, I was fortunate to get a signed copy for Christmas and I felt the best way to repay that was to offer an honest review. It's nothing fancy, just some first impressions. Obsidian is an interesting read. The world… Continue reading Obsidian by Jason O’Loughlin