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The 2021 Good News Tag

This was inspired by the 2021 Book Tag by Phoenix @ Books with Wings. At first, I wanted to make a UK equivalent of it...but then I realised that 2021 was not a great year for the UK. In fact, the main news stories were deaths, murders and general chaos. I don't want to make… Continue reading The 2021 Good News Tag

Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge Check-In (5 out of 6)

I've managed to shake off my reading slump at last and to finish two of my reading challenges! I'm not as far ahead as I was this time last year (I'm about 15 books behind) but I'm happy with how far I've progressed now. I only have a few books left to go on all… Continue reading 2020 Reading Challenge Check-In (5 out of 6)

Reading Corner

September Reading Corner

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I have decided to retire As The Crows Feast. Full details as to why can be found on my last blog post but they boil down to: I don't have enough time and I can't find any good material anymore. I'm keeping all… Continue reading September Reading Corner

Reading Corner

August Reading Corner

This stupid reading slump is still clinging to me like a persistent limpet. I've gone back to two reviews a week and I'm still struggling to keep up. I've only managed to clock in at 7 books this month, an all time low for 2020. I've already had to push back my CROWS schedule because,… Continue reading August Reading Corner

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Summer Reading Challenge 2020

My reading has been a bit unfocused since my current reading challenges are winding down so this came at just the right time. A big thank you to Notes from a Paper Plane Nomad for tagging me! Rules: Link to the original tag’s creator: Hundreds and Thousands of Books, who also designed the graphics! Thank whoever… Continue reading Summer Reading Challenge 2020