The BTS ‘BE’ Book Tag

I'm honestly not very familiar with BTS music but this tag certainly gave me an education! Big thanks to Sabrina for tagging me! Rules: Thank whoever tagged you and link back to their post. Link to the original tag’s creator: Sabrina @ Notes From a Paper Plane Nomad (please credit if using these graphics!) Pick a book… Continue reading The BTS ‘BE’ Book Tag

Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge Check-In (5 out of 6)

I've managed to shake off my reading slump at last and to finish two of my reading challenges! I'm not as far ahead as I was this time last year (I'm about 15 books behind) but I'm happy with how far I've progressed now. I only have a few books left to go on all… Continue reading 2020 Reading Challenge Check-In (5 out of 6)

Reading Corner

October Reading Corner

This was the month when I really decided to pull myself together and get the Golden Trio Reading Challenge done. Not only is it really uncomfortable to be doing a Harry Potter related challenge but I am very behind on my Turtle Recall challenge and need to clear the way for a two month long… Continue reading October Reading Corner