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The Functions Book Tag

I was a fair hand at Maths at school. 'Was', being the operative word. I've completely forgotten about functions and I didn't recognise many of the ones mentioned in this tag I found on Nehal @ Quirky Pages at all. Still, I know my books so I'm going to use that to muddle through! Rules:… Continue reading The Functions Book Tag

Reading Corner

December Reading Corner

Wise people would say that taking on a new reading challenge that is supposed to be year-long and expecting to complete it in one month is foolish and will result in reading burnout. They would be right. I knew this. But, I did it anyway. I not only completed all my reading challenges but, since… Continue reading December Reading Corner

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New Year’s Book Tag

Time for me to stop searching for Christmas tags and start looking at New Year-themed tags. I think a good place to start would be this one I found at Kristin Kraves Books. I'm afraid I'm not sure who created this. If you know, please let me know in the comments. 1. How many books… Continue reading New Year’s Book Tag