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The Bank Holiday Book Tag

As the last UK bank holiday before Christmas starts to draw to a close and the return to work looms, I think I need to do a book tag to cheer myself up. I found this one on alittlebutalot and it's a tag created by Tea Party Princess. It's the perfect one for today so let's give it… Continue reading The Bank Holiday Book Tag

In One Word

In One Word, I Burn by Various is…

Dynamic Delayed reading this since Yang isn't really my favourite character in RWBY but I need some light relief after heavy hitters and this always does the trick. Yang's manga anthology is definitely the funniest out of the four. It's certainly the zaniest. Unless Nora gets her own anthology, this will stay at the top… Continue reading In One Word, I Burn by Various is…

Reading Corner

January 2019 Reading Corner

Do you like the new name for my reading retrospective? I wanted to tie it back to the name of this website so I'm calling them Reading Corners now. I took my tactic of reading more than one book into the New Year and it certainly seems to have worked. It's not unusual for me… Continue reading January 2019 Reading Corner

Reading Retrospective

December Reading Retrospective

I don't want to say too much here, as I've got a 2018 retrospective coming up, so I'll make all my announcements then and just list the month's books here. Currently Reading/Listening This is just the book I love spending weeks on. The characters are brilliant, you're never allowed to get too comfortable with the… Continue reading December Reading Retrospective


Christmas Book Haul

I had more time to read than I intended on Christmas Day as I'd hoped to be playing Spyro: Reignited Trilogy (in other words, my childhood remastered) all day but there was a huge post-release software update that took over 4 hours! So, I just ploughed my way through The Well of Ascension while waiting. On… Continue reading Christmas Book Haul

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Christmas Cracker Book Tag

And, just because it's Christmas, here's another book tag! This one is another one from alittlebutalot and can be found here. PICK A BOOK WITH A WINTRY COVER Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. What's more wintery than the Arctic? PICK A BOOK YOU’RE LIKELY TO BUY AS A PRESENT This is Going to Hurt by Adam… Continue reading Christmas Cracker Book Tag

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Christmas Songs Book Tag

Could it be that I'm actually doing some blogging? It's a Christmas miracle! This festive one comes from alittlebutalot and, since it seems not playing 'All I Want for Christmas' on the radio for ten minutes seems to have become illegal right now, it's only fitting I do one about Christmas songs. “YOU’RE A MEAN… Continue reading Christmas Songs Book Tag

Reading Retrospective

June Reading Retrospective

Half of 2018 and the world hasn't blown up yet. Hooray! I really wanted to focus on the books I had at home and in my library before overloading my shelves with new books. It was a chance to tackle a few of the books on my TBR list and I'm very happy with the… Continue reading June Reading Retrospective