Short Stories

Human to Hind

Crikey, has it really been two years since I last posted a short story on this website? I've been working a lot on my novels, reviews and a career in that time but, by some small miracle, I got this done and I've sent it around to several science fiction magazines. All of them rejected… Continue reading Human to Hind

Short Stories

Stealth Experiment No. 35

Here's a flash fiction I wrote for Writer's Forum Flash Fiction Competition. The prompt was to begin and end the story with 'when he looked again, it was gone'. Here's the beginning: 'When he looked, it wasn’t there. Very good. Mr (not doctor, never doctor) Bluewell turned back to look at the door again. If… Continue reading Stealth Experiment No. 35

Extracts from Novels

Extract – The Twelve Moons of Curie

Here's the link to my first extract published on this site: the prologue to The Twelve Moons of Curie. As mentioned before, I wrote it during my MA and was originally intended as a stand-alone short story but I think it's better as the beginning of a novel with ensuing chapters detailing the adventures on… Continue reading Extract – The Twelve Moons of Curie