Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s Book Tag

I found this book on Ann's Reading Corner and, well, who doesn't love Ben 'n' Jerry's? Not me, that's for sure. The tag was originally created by Aimal at Bookshelves & Paperbacks VANILLA CARAMEL FUDGE Pick a light, fluffy contemporary What else but Heartstopper springs to mind when you think of light and fluffy? MINT CHOCOLATE… Continue reading Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s Book Tag

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Fairy Tale Book Tag

I'm always a sucker for fairytales and a good fairytale retelling so this tag I found on Zezee @ Zezee With Books was a lot of fun. Creator: Zoe at My Life with Books. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST:PICK A BOOK WHERE LOVE TRIUMPHS EVERYTHING. Nick and Charlie had to go through a lot but their… Continue reading Fairy Tale Book Tag

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5..4..3..2..1 – Book Tag! – Take 2

I was tagged by Madeline @ The Bookish Mutant to do this tag again. To make sure I'm not repeating myself, I'm going to try and limit my answers to books I read last year. So, this might end up being an informal 'best books' list for 2022 to make up for the fact I… Continue reading 5..4..3..2..1 – Book Tag! – Take 2

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Mid Year Freak Out Tag 2022

Better late than never. I forgot to do this during the summer so, even though I'm way past the mid-year mark, I might as well use this to do a review of the year so far. It's never too late for a freak out! BEST BOOK YOU’VE READ SO FAR IN 2022 This is a… Continue reading Mid Year Freak Out Tag 2022

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The A-Z Book Tag

Thanks so much to Riddhi @ Whispering Stories for tagging me! It was great fun to go down my Read list and I decided to pick the lesser known ones that maybe haven't been getting much attention lately. Let me know in the comments if you like them too. I must confess that I had… Continue reading The A-Z Book Tag

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The Fae Book Tag!

At the time of writing, I've just finished a fae book so I'm kind of in the mood for this tag that I found on Becky's Book Blog. THE RULES: Give credit to the creator of this tag – Jordyn Reads If you want to, pingback to the post you first saw this tag. And… Continue reading The Fae Book Tag!

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The Weather Tag

This time of the year is certainly a time of what other people call nice weather. Not me, though. I wilt in the heat and can't wait for winter! While I wait for the temperature to go down, I'm going to make the best of it and do this tag I found on Space and… Continue reading The Weather Tag

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My Royal Court Book Tag

Here in the UK, it's the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend, a time when pubs are allowed to stay open until 1am and half the population probably won't remember half of the event. As for me (at the time of writing), I just hope the Queen and Brian May (who's going to be playing at the… Continue reading My Royal Court Book Tag

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Evil Cat Book Tag

I found this on Zezee @ Zezee With Books and decided to do it in the name of my very naughty cat (who looks and acts very like Salem). Like Zezee, I'm also going to say whether or not my cat does it or not to give you an idea of how bad he is.… Continue reading Evil Cat Book Tag

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The Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag

I found this on Kristin Kraves Books and I decided this is a good opportunity to look back at my reading progress so far. Original Creator: Roisin @ Roisin’s Reading from BookTube How many books have you read so far? At the time of writing, I've read 43 books so far. Nearly a third of… Continue reading The Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag