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The Functions Book Tag

I was a fair hand at Maths at school. 'Was', being the operative word. I've completely forgotten about functions and I didn't recognise many of the ones mentioned in this tag I found on Nehal @ Quirky Pages at all. Still, I know my books so I'm going to use that to muddle through! Rules:… Continue reading The Functions Book Tag

Reading Corner

October Reading Corner

It was another fairly slow month and I didn't get as much reading done as I wanted to. I teetered on the edge of a few reading slumps as well. Oh well, I'm in a decent enough position with my challenges and I suppose that's what I get for trying to get through all the… Continue reading October Reading Corner

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The Greek Gods Book Tag

I'll admit, I love myself some good myths. I am definitely up for a book tag with a myth theme so, when I saw this on Autumnfyre Pages, you can bet I wanted to do it. By the way, if you're a fan of myths like me and you haven't already, I would definitely recommend… Continue reading The Greek Gods Book Tag