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Desert Island Discs Blog Tag

Now, for those of you who don't know, Desert Island Discs is a BBC radio show that's been running since 1942. The show's premise is that a celebrity guest is asked to pick which music, book and luxury item they would want to be stranded on a desert island with (more on that in the… Continue reading Desert Island Discs Blog Tag

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Seasons of Book Blogging Tag

I struggled a bit to find a non-Christmas tag to round off the month but Zezee @ Zezee With Books has a great tag collection page and I found this one from the list. I'd heartily recommend checking Zezee out if you find yourself stuck for a book tag. RULES AND REGULATIONS: Thank the creator… Continue reading Seasons of Book Blogging Tag

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5..4..3..2..1 – Book Tag!

I found this one on Becky @ Becky's Book Blog. Please tell me I wasn't the only one who instantly thought of the Thunderbirds opening when I saw this title! I'm not sure who the original creator is, I'm afraid. If anyone can tell me, please let me know in the comments and I'll add… Continue reading 5..4..3..2..1 – Book Tag!

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The Book Courtship Tag

I spotted this on BookForager and decided I didn't want to wait until Valentine's season to do it. Besides, I'm running a little low on tags to do in August. It was originally created by the booktuber Leah of Hi I Love Books. Phase 1: Initial Attraction A book you bought because of the cover I got… Continue reading The Book Courtship Tag

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The Ice Lolly Book Tag

It's definitely Ice Cream season so, when I found this tag on Elli @ AceReader, I decided this is a great way to celebrate summer. Original Creators: Amy, Charlotte and Louise. Mini Milk: Short and Sweet? It's a short, light read but also a very sweet romance with a nice bittersweet ending. Magnum: Best Classic? This is easily… Continue reading The Ice Lolly Book Tag


Blogmas 2021 Day 11: Winter Essentials Book Tag

Another winter-themed tag for you this December. This one was created by taylor reads. Here's the original video below: 1) Crackling Fire: Who is your favourite cold character warmed up towards the end? Maybe, I shouldn't say which character because that'd be a spoiler but I am loving this character's redemption arc! I only… Continue reading Blogmas 2021 Day 11: Winter Essentials Book Tag

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Blogmas 2021 Day 4: Winter Is Coming Book Tag

Time for the first Christmas book tag of the season! I found this one on the lovely Zezee @ Zezee with Books' blog. Winter certainly is coming. Over in the UK, the temperature's dropped, we've had storms and I've even had hail a few times. No sign of snow, though. The Winter Is Coming book… Continue reading Blogmas 2021 Day 4: Winter Is Coming Book Tag

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Disney Princess Hair Book Tag

I found this tag on Lucy @ Bookworm Blogger and, like her, I ended up completing this in my birthday month. Hey, I'm a sucker for Disney at heart so I don't mind. The Rules Link back to Kyera’s original post on Kyera’s Library and Mandy’s post on Book Princess Reviews so they can see all your answers! Be… Continue reading Disney Princess Hair Book Tag

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Get to Know the Fantasy Reader Tag

A big thank you to Chonkybooks for tagging me! Rules: Make sure you give credit to the original creators of this tag – this tag was originally created by Bree Hill. If you want to, pingback to the post you first saw this tag Have fun! What is your fantasy origin story? (The first fantasy… Continue reading Get to Know the Fantasy Reader Tag

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The 20 Questions Book Tag – Take 2

Big thanks to Rachel @ A Bookworm's Paradise. I did this tag back in 2018 so, yeah, my answers are definitely due a bit of an update so let's go! I tried to look for the original creator but my searches hit a dead end so, if you know who the original creator is, please… Continue reading The 20 Questions Book Tag – Take 2