Blogmas 2021 Day 11: Winter Essentials Book Tag

Another winter-themed tag for you this December. This one was created by taylor reads. Here's the original video below: 1) Crackling Fire: Who is your favourite cold character warmed up towards the end? Maybe, I shouldn't say which character because that'd be a spoiler but I am loving this character's redemption arc! I only… Continue reading Blogmas 2021 Day 11: Winter Essentials Book Tag

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Good to Meetcha Tag

~Hope you guess my name...~ *ahem* Sorry, couldn't resist. I saw this tag created by Bookforager and decided to give it a go. Original Creator: Bookforager What’s that in your bag? (Also, what kind of bag do you carry? No bag? What’ve you got in your pockets?) When I'm going out for longer than an… Continue reading Good to Meetcha Tag

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The Piano Playlist Tag

I like a good bit of piano music while I'm reading (and I really wish I could play the piano) so this book tag I found on Books are 42 appealed to me. This tag was originally created by 'Definitely Moi' at Bookish Blunders! Rules: Post the rules in your post. Answer all the questions… Continue reading The Piano Playlist Tag

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The Zodiac Books + Music Tag

A big thank you to Riddhi @ Whispering Stories for tagging me! Rules: Link back to the creator, i.e, Swift Walker @Just Dreamland Link back to the person who tagged you! Answer all the prompts. If you use the original graphics, credit the creator (i.e., Swift Walker) Tag at least 5 bloggers and provide links to their blogs. Name your Zodiac sign!!!!? Don’t forget… Continue reading The Zodiac Books + Music Tag

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Queen Book Tag

I found this on Zezee with Books and have been keeping it in my drafts until an appropriate date. Unfortunately, there aren't that many important Queen dates this early in the year. To avoid keeping this knocking around my drafts for four more months, I decided to make it today because, 47 years ago today… Continue reading Queen Book Tag

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February 2021 Reading Corner

DNFing two books per month has become a bit of a habit. It's helpful if I'm behind on reviews but not so helpful if I want to finish reading challenges. Speaking of helpful things, I've found that cross stitching is a good thing to do while listening to an audiobook. It certainly got me to… Continue reading February 2021 Reading Corner

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A-Z Bookish Questions Tag

I found this on The Long Voyage and decided to give it a go. This is probably one of the longest tags I've done so far but I think it was worth it. Original Creator: The Perpetual Page Turner Author you’ve read the most books from? Adding a small caveat to this (because I'd have… Continue reading A-Z Bookish Questions Tag