Blogmas 2021 Day 3: Books On the Naughty List

Time to make that list and check it twice. My bad books are open and it's time to add 2021's contingent of bad reads. I'm not counting my DNFs since it wouldn't be fair to judge a book I haven't finished. I was going to make a list of all the one-star books I read… Continue reading Blogmas 2021 Day 3: Books On the Naughty List

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Tudor Queens Book Tag

For someone who only took history as far as Year 9 (and has lived to regret it), I am a big history nerd. Even if you're not, I'll bet that, if you're from the UK, you still remember a thing or two about the Tudors. They are England's most famous historical dynasty. The old rhyme… Continue reading Tudor Queens Book Tag

Reading Challenge

June 2021 Reading Corner

My first lot of exams are over but my legal studies aren't over yet. I still need to do an interview to showcase my portfolio. Yeah, I'm not good at interviews at the best of times. It's amazing I even have a job, I'm so bad at them. At least, I've been given some materials… Continue reading June 2021 Reading Corner

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Read The Rainbow Tag

I've noticed that my tag schedule for this month is devoid of any Pride Month related tags. Well, that won't do at all so I decided to do this tag which was linked on Lucy @ Bookworm Blogger. Isabelle's explanation of colours: This tag is based on the Progress Pride Flag (shown in the post header)… Continue reading Read The Rainbow Tag