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Announcement: Improvements to my reviews site

After months of saying I'd do it and letting other things get in the way, I've finally drawn some pictures for my reviews. I don't think they're good enough to warrant such a delay but I'm so fed up of seeing them bare so I decided to finally do some, regardless of quality, and open… Continue reading Announcement: Improvements to my reviews site

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Weekly Update (09.04.2017) Of More Words and New Ideas

Currently reading: The True Blood Omnibus by Charlaine Harris Weekly Novel Word Count: 5,430 Weekly Short Story Word Count: 905 Weekly Review Word Count: 564 Weekly Fanfiction Word Count: 1,616 Here's the formula for perfect productivity in writing: ambient soundscapes + disconnection from the Internet = at least 600 words per weekday and over 1000… Continue reading Weekly Update (09.04.2017) Of More Words and New Ideas

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Weekly Update (26.03.2017) Of Short Stories and Sickness

Currently reading: Angel of Storms by Trudi Canavan Novel Weekly Word Count: 3905 Short Story Weekly Word Count: 464 Review Word Count: 566 Fanfiction Word Count: 717 As you can see, I've decided to add a few more word counts to my weekly updates to give both you and me a better idea of what… Continue reading Weekly Update (26.03.2017) Of Short Stories and Sickness

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Weekly Update: (12.02.2017) Of Reviews and Strictly

Currently (re)reading: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova Weekly Word Count: 3555 Review Word Count: 2547 My main achievement this week is getting my review of Feast of Fools done. The first draft is done and, when the time comes, I'll polish it before it's published. It's nice to feel that I have a review waiting… Continue reading Weekly Update: (12.02.2017) Of Reviews and Strictly

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Originally, I wasn't going to cover sequels in my reviews as I might not have as much to say about them regarding world building. Then, I remembered that all books have to stand on their own, even if they're part of a series, and sequels have the task of developing the world beyond one book's… Continue reading Betrayed

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Anno Dracula

This is one of my absolute favourite modern vampire books. Not only does it paint a richly detailed alternate universe but does an excellent job of making vampires seem real. Here's an extract: 'Character The book flits between multiple points of view so it’s difficult to narrow down the characters that need to be discussed.… Continue reading Anno Dracula

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Blood and Ice

This was another charity shop find. It came from the same charity shop as Marked actually. I liked it a lot the first time I read it. I still like it but I have to admit that, from a critical standpoint, it's not the best. Here's an excerpt: 'Character I must say, the nineteenth century characters proved… Continue reading Blood and Ice