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Night World – Volume One

It's been ages since I read this. I think I got it because the third book caught my eye at an airport. When I got back from holiday, I found the first book and ended up getting Volume 2 and 3 in time as well. It's got a few good ideas which I built upon… Continue reading Night World – Volume One

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Weekly Update (18.09.2016)

Currently (re)reading: Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K Hamilton Weekly Word Count: 2321 Manuscript Word Count: 69303 Review Word Count: 2877 I really did my latest review in a bit of a rush. Re-reading Night World Volume 1 took a lot longer than expected and there was a lot of fact-checking involved so the Research part… Continue reading Weekly Update (18.09.2016)

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Glass Houses

This one's another charity shop find but, this time around, I'm glad I picked it up. A very good meal for the CROWS indeed. Here's an extract: 'Character Claire Danvers is an ordinary girl done right. For a start, she isn’t an ordinary girl. She’s a smart girl who got the best grades to get away… Continue reading Glass Houses

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The Rest Falls Away

Next up to be picked apart by CROWS is The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason and, boy, was there a lot of gristle and not a lot of good meat for them. Here's an extract (and probably the most positive things I have to say about the book): 'Character This book has some really well-written characters and… Continue reading The Rest Falls Away