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Weekly Update (26.03.2017) Of Short Stories and Sickness

Currently reading: Angel of Storms by Trudi Canavan Novel Weekly Word Count: 3905 Short Story Weekly Word Count: 464 Review Word Count: 566 Fanfiction Word Count: 717 As you can see, I've decided to add a few more word counts to my weekly updates to give both you and me a better idea of what… Continue reading Weekly Update (26.03.2017) Of Short Stories and Sickness

Short Stories

Vampires of War

I got the idea from a big prompt list of supernatural beings and found it quite intriguing. I used the common idea of vampires being revealed in modern society and combined it to ask the question: how long would it take for humans to decide that vampires make great 'human shields' in wars? After all,… Continue reading Vampires of War

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Originally, I wasn't going to cover sequels in my reviews as I might not have as much to say about them regarding world building. Then, I remembered that all books have to stand on their own, even if they're part of a series, and sequels have the task of developing the world beyond one book's… Continue reading Betrayed

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Anno Dracula

This is one of my absolute favourite modern vampire books. Not only does it paint a richly detailed alternate universe but does an excellent job of making vampires seem real. Here's an extract: 'Character The book flits between multiple points of view so it’s difficult to narrow down the characters that need to be discussed.… Continue reading Anno Dracula

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Weekly Update (06.11.2016)

Currently reading: Vampires, Zombies and Philosophy edited by Richard Greene and K Silem Mohammad Weekly Fiction Word Count: 2050 Review Word Count: 2736 Oops, I nearly forgot to make a blog post today. That's why it's so late in the day. Sorry about that. I'm making excellent time with my review. I've finished the first… Continue reading Weekly Update (06.11.2016)

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Weekly Update 30.10.2016

Currently reading: Vampires, Zombies and Philosophy edited by Richard Greene and K Silem Mohammad Weekly Word Count: 2115 Review Word Count: 364 Well, going back to the old strategy of giving myself a word target seems to have worked. I got over 200 words written down in some form or other at any rate but,… Continue reading Weekly Update 30.10.2016

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Blood and Ice

This was another charity shop find. It came from the same charity shop as Marked actually. I liked it a lot the first time I read it. I still like it but I have to admit that, from a critical standpoint, it's not the best. Here's an excerpt: 'Character I must say, the nineteenth century characters proved… Continue reading Blood and Ice

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Weekly Update (02.10.2016)

Currently (re)reading: Blood and Ice by Robert Masello Weekly Word Count: 2222 Review Weekly Word Count: 760 I've at least come to the end of the scene I was stuck on this week and I think I'll do a scene change straight to the next action rather than attempt what could be a clunky and… Continue reading Weekly Update (02.10.2016)