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March Reading Corner

Attentive readers might have noticed that my reviews and mini awards have halted for the moment. That's because I'm trying for a more reasonable blogging schedule and will be scheduling my reviews much further in advance that usual. Next month will be the test run so we'll see if that works. The goal is to… Continue reading March Reading Corner

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February Reading Corner

Suffice it to say that this wasn't the best month for reading for me. That's no bad thing, though. I managed to complete my Be Sure Athon and my reduced reading challenges are all proceeding on schedule. I'm also managing to get some more writing time in though finding the will to redraft my novel… Continue reading February Reading Corner

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January Reading Corner

I'm nicely on track to finish my Be Sure Athon for this year. I feel like I didn't prioritise the books as much as I should have but, at least, I'm not rushing like last month. I've been trying to get a bit more of my writing done. In particular, I'm trying to get into… Continue reading January Reading Corner

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December Reading Corner

Wise people would say that taking on a new reading challenge that is supposed to be year-long and expecting to complete it in one month is foolish and will result in reading burnout. They would be right. I knew this. But, I did it anyway. I not only completed all my reading challenges but, since… Continue reading December Reading Corner

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November Reading Corner

Well, I think this Nanowrimo has probably been one of my worst yet. I really tried to actually write the required amount every day and I tried to get the next draft of my second novel in good enough shape to give me a better idea of what the first novel should look like. I… Continue reading November Reading Corner

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October Reading Corner

It was another fairly slow month and I didn't get as much reading done as I wanted to. I teetered on the edge of a few reading slumps as well. Oh well, I'm in a decent enough position with my challenges and I suppose that's what I get for trying to get through all the… Continue reading October Reading Corner

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September Reading Corner

It's been a rather slow month for reading. For physical books, anyway. It's a situation I'm familiar with but it's okay to go slow for now. I do intend to use this time to go through all the bigger, harder-going books so I won't be rushing through them at the end of the year. My… Continue reading September Reading Corner

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August Reading Corner

I DNFed more books this month but I also found more enjoyable books. I also managed to force my way through my mental redrafting block and managed to fix some of my first novel. Some but not all. I've also got a short story ready to send out so writing went well this month. Currently… Continue reading August Reading Corner

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July Reading Corner

Yep, I won another Camp Nanowrimo but I did it by cheating again. A lot of copy and pasting from previous drafts were involved but, now, I feel this has given me new motivation to try and at least do a first draft of all five novels in my planned series before I go back… Continue reading July Reading Corner

Reading Challenge

2022 Reading Challenge Check-In (1 out of 6)

It's my first reading challenge check-in of the year. I'm happy with my progress so far but I do know there are some areas for improvement. Goodreads 2021 Reading Challenge 30/150 books Not bad at all. Apparently, I'm 7 books ahead of target and I'll be fine if I keep going at this pace. 'Be… Continue reading 2022 Reading Challenge Check-In (1 out of 6)