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May 2021 Reading Corner

I might as well accept it - I am in a reading slump. There's a lot of factors that caused it: upcoming exams (turns out that 'open-book' exams are the hardest kind to study for), getting ready to move to a new team, chronic procrastination and just giving myself way too much to do. Either… Continue reading May 2021 Reading Corner

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March 2021 Reading Corner

Only one DNF this month so a slight improvement on the last two. I've also read more this month than I have in a while, clocking in at 16 books. Granted, two of them were graphic novels that I managed to finish fairly quickly but, hey, they still count! I've decided to do Camp Nanowrimo… Continue reading March 2021 Reading Corner

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February 2021 Reading Corner

DNFing two books per month has become a bit of a habit. It's helpful if I'm behind on reviews but not so helpful if I want to finish reading challenges. Speaking of helpful things, I've found that cross stitching is a good thing to do while listening to an audiobook. It certainly got me to… Continue reading February 2021 Reading Corner

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Another award! I don't believe it! A massive thank you goes out to the fantastic Sweaters and Raindrops for nominating me! It's certainly a timely one. The sun is hot where I am right now and, when it's not sunny, it's stormy. I haven't been struck by lightning yet but it would just put the… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award